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Reverse Balding of Hair Updated:2/8/12 Did you realize that Garlic and the humble onion may be used topically as a natural baldness and hair loss treatment? 1.Garlic:- 60 minutes before you go to sleep, crush up a garlic clove and then rub the clove into the area of hair loss. I
    Updated: 2/8/12
Basic and useful cooker cooking tips Updated:2/7/12 Instead of using high flame for cooker. if u place the cooker in low flame , it will cook well in very less number of whistle. Dried Herbs and spices lose their potency quickly. Buy only a small amount at a time. When using fresh herbs an spic
    Updated: 2/7/12
Maintaining Fabric&Shoes for longer time Updated:2/7/12 Before you wear a new garment, put a little clear nail polish on the front and back of each button. Buttons will stay on longer when their threads are sealed. When laundering clothes, add detergent to the machine first. Pouring detergent on
    Updated: 2/7/12
Tips to maintain the Fridge Updated:2/7/12 For a fresh smelling fridge, keep a box of baking soda or dried coffee grounds or a cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract inside of it. Crumbled newspapers lining the vegetable compartments of a refrigerator will keep veggies crisp . Freezers
    Updated: 2/7/12
While grinding frozen coconut... Updated:1/25/12 While grinding frozen coconut, use warm water to grind it. So that fat won't ooze out from the coconut and your blender will be free from sticky layer formed on the sides. Also cleaning will be easy.
    Updated: 1/25/12
Tips for Indoor jasmine flowers in Winter Updated:1/21/12 If you have a jasmine plant at home (Indoor)and there is no flowers during winter time, Dont worry. just spray the plant with water in a hand sprayer twice a day. you will see fresh flower buds in two weeks time. Also check deals at http://ww
    Updated: 1/21/12
Natural scrub for face Updated:1/20/12 First wash your face with warm water. Then take 1 tsp of sugar (granulated sugar) and scrub it in your face gently. This will remove the dead cells from your skin. Do not do it with lots pf pressure, as it may damage your skin. Also don't do th
    Updated: 1/20/12
Did U burn or overcook your Curry? Updated:1/20/12 First,switch off the stove and transfer the curry into another bowl. Take a Beetal leaf and put it on top of the curry. Let it stand for few minutes. And now the burnt smell is gone!!!
    Updated: 1/20/12
Beauty tips for skin and Hair Updated:1/18/12 To have healthy shiny hair, treat your scalp with a mixture of almond oil and olive oil, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash your hair. This also reduces hair loss. You can also wrap a hot towel over your head for the oil to seep in easily and als
    Updated: 1/18/12
To gain weight Updated:1/18/12 Soak 2 dates in lukewarm milk for about 30 minutes and have both the milk along with the dates, before going to bed. Do this daily and for sure you will gain weight within 4 to 5 weeks time. This is a very good tip who are really thin and longi
    Updated: 1/18/12
Makeup tip to last for longtime Updated:1/17/12 After washing your face, pat dry it and apply few drops of Rose water using cotton. It's an excellent and natural toner for your skin. Then apply your regular makeup like mositureizer, foundation etc. Your makeup will last for longtime.
    Updated: 1/17/12
Non-sticky lady's finger (okra) Updated:1/17/12 While making okra sabzi we may have that sticky like thing. To avoid that you cook it in low flame without adding water to it. Other way is just add 2 tbsp of curd or tamarind juice to get it cooked.
    Updated: 1/17/12
cleaning metal diyas easy Updated:1/13/12 Its ritual that we do "Deeparadhana" in our home everyday.Its hard to clean the oily diyas at the end of the week. A small tip for this is put them under running hot water and orally move ur hand all around the diya. then use dish wash liq
    Updated: 1/13/12
breaking coconut tip Updated:1/13/12 Kept the coconut in freezer for 30 minutes before u want to break it and by using back side of big knife or belan/chapathi roler u can break it.
    Updated: 1/13/12
carrot juice for everyone - beauty & health ;-) Updated:1/13/12 Drink a glass of carrot juice every morning. It helps in improving skin tone,proper digestion and most important -consistency in eye vision (for people whose sight number is increasing regularly).Good for all ages .
    Updated: 1/13/12
soft and silky hair Updated:1/13/12 Apply methi powder paste to your hair before bath once in a week or 15 days.You can observe ur hair to be soft, smooth and silky . If methi seed powder( yellow color)is not available,You can get methi seeds from Indian stores , grind them
    Updated: 1/13/12
Remedy for cough in kids////adults Updated:1/13/12 Take 1 spoon honey&4 drops of ginger juice mix well .take this for 3 to 4 times a day it 'll give immediate relief. and u can mix pinch of clove powder to 1 spoon of honey take this early morning after brushing it reduced chest congestion,
    Updated: 1/13/12
Perfect bleach for u skin in home Updated:1/13/12 take 1 spoon of rice flour and some sour curd to make thick paste aply to u r face,neck and hands.after 15 min scrub with wet hands clean it with cold water .it removes dead cells on u r skin and black heads .u 'll observe the difference in u r
    Updated: 1/13/12
Solution for tooth ache &yellow teeth( Health Tip) Updated:1/10/12 Take a pinch of salt and pinch of baking soda. Mix them nicely and use it as tooth powder daily. In 15 days you will find amazing results.
    Updated: 1/10/12
Tips to keep Sooji and other stuff.. Updated:1/10/12 keep sooji and black eyed beans in refrigrator in tight bags to protect from insects.
    Updated: 1/10/12
Odour Removal for Plastic Bowls/Cutting Board Updated:1/5/12 1) If your plastic bowls or dishes smell of oil or spices, simply make a paste of baking soda and water and rub all over the surface. Let set overnight then rinse well. 2) If your cutting board smells from onions, garlic or even fish, pour o
    Updated: 1/5/12
Chopping dry fruits Updated:1/3/12 - Freeze them first for one hour & then dip the knife into hot water before cutting them. Thanks
    Updated: 1/3/12
Curry has become spicy ? Try this Updated:12/31/11 Sometimes the curry becomes spicy & there is no point adding salt or sugar. Try this Boil (cook ) few baby carrots in microwave - it takes about a couple of minutes to cook, after they have been cooked mash them finely & add to the gravy !!
    Updated: 12/31/11
Whitening teeth... Updated:12/29/11 Hi friends if u brush u r teeth with baking soda after brushing u r teeth u 'll observe noticeble result in 7 days.
    Updated: 12/29/11
Keep your Nails strong. Updated:12/28/11 To really keep your nails strong, try rubbing petroleum jelly into the cuticles, or olive oil or castor oil if you do not have petroleum jelly on hand.
    Updated: 12/28/11
too much salt in curry Updated:12/12/11 If you have put too much salt in your curry with gravy, make some wheat flour dough balls (small size) and put them in gravy for sometime and take them out, extra salt will be absorbed by dough balls. Hope you can enjoy that curry.
    Updated: 12/12/11
Easy Dusting Updated:11/30/11 Slip an old woolen sock over your hand, spray with polish, and run you hand over furniture to dust easily.
    Updated: 11/30/11
bathroom cleaning Updated:11/27/11 The best and environment free way to clean bath tub and wash basin is to use baking soda....easily available in your home and very cheap and no risk to get any bleach stains in floor as sometimes we keep the chemicals on floor and get bad blea
    Updated: 11/27/11
Chewing Gum Removal Updated:11/26/11 Try a dry cleaning solvent Or apply ice cubes to the spot and scrape off.
    Updated: 11/26/11
Cutting Bangs Updated:11/21/11 To cut bangs evenly, place apiece of scotch tape across the child's bangs and cut above the tape.
    Updated: 11/21/11