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Gulabjamun....TRY THIS
ice cream/cold ras gullas
Sweets-Dessert,North Indian,Veggie
Recot cheese:Madia/All purpose flour (1:3 ratio)
a pinch or rex powder/baking soda
ghee for frying.

Sugar Syrup:

Sugar:Water (1.5:1)
Put water in a pan, allow it to come for a boil, mix 1.5 times 
sugar and boil it properly..remove foams from top and discard.

Mix ilaichi powder in it. Sugar Syrup ready.

take recot cheese and mix maida, rex powder (if it is not available, mix baking soda) and make dough of it.

allow to raise it for 20-25 miuntes as you have mixed soda in it.

Make small ball, just carefull, the ball shd not any cracks on it otherwise they will break while frying. Make balls & cover with a moist cloth.

Heat ghee and start putting those balls when ghee is medium high hot. Fry them at medium flame only (Don't fry at a high flame, they will be uncooked from inside)

Fry them in ghee only till they are golden brown color, it gives good aroma to gulabjamum. as soon as they are done with frying, put them immidiately in hot sugar syrup..serve them hot with cold ice cream..

eNjOy your Diwali Sweet...........