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bread bonda
Appetizer,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie
6 bread slices
one big potato boiled
1 small onins finely chopped
3 green chillies
a little piece of ginger
1/4 spoon mustard seeds and jeera 
1 table spoon lime juice
take a pan and put one table spoon oil in it then add mustard seeds

jeera if u like u can add curry leaves also then onions and green
chillies.fry them for 5 min then take the potato and mash it then
add this onion popu i mean tadka to the potato add some salt to
it.mix it well.let it cool for a bit then add lime juice mix
it.then take the bread cut the ends of it.the dip the slice in
water.just give it a soak.then press the bread to let the water
out.then put the potato mixture in the middle of the bread.then
cover the bread roll the bread like a ball.then deep fry it
very smooth.if its hard for u to do the ball then grind the dry
bread slices add them to the mixture.then make them little
balls.then deep fry them.