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sorra pidupu
Other..,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Non Veggie
tilapia fish 2 pieces
ginger garlic paste
turmeric a pinch
garam masala powder 1 teaspoon
chilli powder i teaspoon
2 green chillies fineley chopped
medium size onion finely chopped
oil 2 table spoons

first take tilapia in a bowl then take another bowl add 3 cups of
water to it.put the tilapia bowl in this water bowl.and put that
in the stove then cover it with a lid.after 15 to 20 min its
boiled take the bowl out mash the fish with spoon.then take a pan
put the oil in it then ad the green chilles fry them a bit then
add onions fry them until gold colour.then add one spoon ginger
garlic paste then fry it for 2 min.then add the fish to it.fry it
for 5 min then add turmeric and salt then mix it then cover it
with a lid for 5 min then add the chilli powder and garam masala
then fry for 2 min.then off the stove.serve it with rice.