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gutti vankaya pulusu
South Indian,Veggie
8 brinjals
a little onion                           tamarind lemon size

one table spoon urad dal(minapappu)      soak it in 3 cups 
one table spoon sesame seeds(nuvvulu)     water
one teaspoon corriander seeds
red chillies 4
1 tea spoon chilli powder
oil three table spoons
2 table spoons grated cocnut
1 spoon sugar
first take urad dal sesame seeds corriander seeds and red chilliies
fry them until they get gold color then grind them with onion and add the oil to the pan take the brinjal cut them
inthe middle without taking the stems u know fry them
till they become smooth then add this paste fry it for 5 min.then
add the tamarind water to it then add the salt and the sugar let
it be a little thick like pulusu then add the chilli powder.serve
it with rice.