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mix spice chutney with missi roti
curd or Ghee
Chutney,Punjabi,North Indian,Veggie
For Chutney: 1 big onion
2-3  green chilly
one tomato
little mango pickle masala
salt - half table spoon

For: Missi Roti
Dough made by putting little oil , Carom (Ajwain), salt, Coriander 
leaves,green chilly pieces
1) chutney -  put onion, green chilly , tomato, mango pickle 
masala and salt together in grinder and grind it . (Better not 
grind very finely, keep little thick)
2. Keep a pan on heat and put Desi ghee/oil (half-one table 
spoon)and heat it.
3. put the grind-ed chutney in pan and stir it for few minutes in 
4. chutney is ready.

2) Missi Roti -  Make little thick round chapatis of the prepared 
dough using oil instead of using flour to avoid sticking.

Serve hot chapatis with hot yummy chutney and enjoy.