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Clementine Kheer
Sanyukta Agarwal
Sweets-Dessert,Bengali,East Indian,Veggie
Whole Milk-1/2 gallon
Sugar-2-3 cups(depending on how sweet you want)
Ricotta Cheese-1 cup
Saffron & Pistachios for garnishing

Heat Milk in a wide pan till it boils...keep stirring and let it 
boil over and over again till it is reduced to half. Add the 
sugar and stir again.

Add Ricotta cheese and stir to mix it really well.

Add the saffron till it has a rich yellow colour keeping some 
aside to garnish at the end. Boil for some more time stirring 

Take the Pan off the stove.

Peel the clementines.Then take the thin cover off each slice of 
the clementine so that each grain of orange is seperate.

Mix the small granules of the clementines in the milk-ricotta 
mixture make sure the mixture is neither hot nor cold(should be 
luke warm).This makes the granules of clementine mix with the 
rabri giving a sweet-sour taste.

Garnish with Saffron and sliced Pistachios. Chill for at least 2 
hrs before serving.

This is a special recepie for it is passed to me by my mother we 
have often shared this amazing dessert that is fit for a