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Cold, Sinus, Difficulty in breathing - Remedy !!
Taral Mehta
Last week me and my husband were suffering from cold, sinus, 
difficulty in breathing, fever etc

We tried this remedy for 2 days and were good to go!!! 

1. Ajwain (Carom Seeds)- I roasted some ajwain seeds on a tawa 
(on a low/medium flame) until they were roasted. They will emit 
strong aroma when roasted. Once roasted, make a small potli 
(tie it in a thin cloth) and inhale it frequently. U will 
IMMEDIATELY feel the difference. Ur chocked nose/throat will 
start feeling better as mucus is thrown out. 

2. Message with Ajwain Hairoil - Take any regular hair oil, add 
Ajwain seeds and heat it on tawa. Heat it to the extend that 
ajwain seeds starts giving aroma. Do not boil. Apply this hair 
oil in the hair along with the seeds giving a good message when 
the oil is still warm. Do not drain the Ajwain seeds. It gives 
relief for headaches due to cold.