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Mushroom fry( Snack item) Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie
1-First clean the mushroom and cut them in any shape of u r convinience. 2-Take a bowl beat the eggs and add salt, pepper, chilli powder and corn flour and beat it properly with egg beater , spoon or fork. 3-Now take a pan spread oil and on t
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie  
Shrimp curry
1-First take fresh shrimp peel and devine them and keep aside. If not use frozen shrimp uncooked never use cooked shrimp it decreases the taste of our curry. 2-Now take a medium size wok or pan add 2 tbsp of oil heat it and add cardamoms,zeera
Fish Manchuria
Procedure for marination:- 1-First take a bowl add fish and then add all the marination ingredients and mix well. 2-Now marinate it for 30 min. 3-Now take a pan and spread oil and fry these fish in medium flame until cooked well and keep asi
fish pulusu Curry,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie
first clean the fish and keep aside. Now fry Zeera,red chilli and onions in a frying pan until it turns brown. Now take some diced tomatoes, fried onion,clilli,zeera and make a fine paste now take a pan and add 1 spoon of oil and add curr
Curry,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie  
Easy Tacos Hammer the chicken breast gently by placing it in a cloth,so it could flatten,try not to work too hard on it. Marinate the flattned chx bst in the Italian dressing adding 1tbsp Taco seasoning to it with half cut lime and sugar and salt. Heat the g
Carrot rice Rice dishes,South Indian,Veggie
1-First take a pan and add oil heat it then add mustard seeds, zeera, green chillis ,split urad dal, curry leaves, hing and fry for a mim then add the onions and fry well then add ginger garlic paste and fry until brown colour. 2-Then add the
Rice dishes,South Indian,Veggie  
mixed vegetables bajji Snacks-Chaats,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie
*First peel and cut the potato in round shape and then spinach whole leaf without stems, now take out the skin of raw banana and cut into round shape. *Now take a bowl add gram flour,rice flour,zeera,vomu,and baking by mixing all the
Snacks-Chaats,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie  
Shrimp biryani Rice dishes,South Indian,Veggie
1.First clean the shrimp. 2.Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a large pan . Then add cloves, cinnamon stick, bay leaves, star anise, cardamoms, green chilli, and curry leaves. 3.Then add onions and ginger garlic paste and fry until onion change to gol
Rice dishes,South Indian,Veggie  
mutton curry Curry,South Indian,Veggie
*First clean mutton and keep aside the size of the mutton can be small or large pieces depends on how u eat. *Now take a pressure cooker and add the chopped onions,coriander leaves,chilli powder,salt,ginger garlic paste, dhaniya powder,turmeri
Curry,South Indian,Veggie  
fish fry Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Non Veggie
*First clean the fish properly and keep aside. *Now take a bowl add rice flour,ginger garlic paste,salt,chilli powder,dhaniya powder,zeera powder,curd if u like,fish masala and mix all this by adding 2 tbsp of lemon juice to it then add little
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Non Veggie  
pav bhaji Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie
*First take pressure cooker and add some water not more and add chopped potato,carrot,cauliflower,peas,1/4 tbsp salt and boil them until 4 to 5 vessels so that they should become fine paste. *Now take a frying pan add little butter and fry the c
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie  
methi dal Other..,South Indian,Veggie
*First wash the dal and boil it in cooker by adding 2 1/2 cups of water until 8 vessels. *Now take a pan add oil heat the oil and now add the mustard seeds,zeera,green chillis,chopped garlic,curry leaves and fry add onions and fry them
Other..,South Indian,Veggie  
dry mango dal
*First clean the dal and boil it by adding 2 cups of water to it in a pressure cooker for 7 -8 vessels .u should also add water in the cooker other wise the dal may roast. *now take a pan add oil heat it now add mustard seeds,zeera,garlic,curr
For Kids: Spice Mac & Cheese with chicken American,Veggie 1. Prepare dinners in large saucepan as directed on package. meanwhile, heat dressing in large skillet. Add chicken and half the onions, cook 5-8 minutes or until chicken in done. Stirring frequently. 2. Heat Oven to 350 F . Spoon dinners into
Veggie Pita Pizza Other..,American,Veggie Combine cottage cheese, cream cheese and ranch seasoning mix in a food processor or blender. Puree untill well combined and smooth, spread over pitas. top with shredded cheese and veggies. Cut each pita in quarters.
Dot Sandwich Sandwiches,American,Veggie 1. Spread bread with cream cheese spread. 2. Top 1 of the bread slices with bananas in three of three slices each. Sprinkle other bread slice with raisins, press gently into cream cheese to secure. Close sandwich to serve.
rajma Curry,South Indian,Veggie
*First soak the beans for 6 hours or whole night and boil them in a pressure cooker.dont keep for more vessels it may become paste. by adding water and keep aside dont throw the boiled water separate the water and beans and keep aside. *Now t
Curry,South Indian,Veggie  
Tofu curry
*place the onions,garlic,ginger,tomatoes together in a pan by adding little oil and cook for 3-4 min until the onions are softened. *now add the pepper,and masala powder and fry it properly thn add water in it and simmer the flame for 5 min by
crab curry Curry,South Indian,Veggie
*first clean the crab and separate the legs and body parts by breaking them and keep aside. *now make a fine paste by adding khas khas,coconut,cardamoms,lavang,cinnamon stick and keep aside. *now take a large frying pan and add oil and now fry
Curry,South Indian,Veggie  
Bhendi curd chutney Chutney,South Indian,Veggie *First wash bhendi add wipe out the water on bhendi and cut them in pieces as u take a frying pan add 1 cup of oil and fry the bhendi till golden colour and keep aside. *Now take the fresh curd in a cup and beat it and now add salt ac
Chutney,South Indian,Veggie  
Aloo chat Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie *First boil the potatoes then peal them and make it paste and add salt,chilli powder,dhaniya powder,zeera powder,am chor,coriander leaves into the paste and mix it properly and keep aside. *Now prepare the tamarind juice take some tamarind add s
Snacks-Chaats,South Indian,Veggie  
chicken hot dog. * Heat a tawa and a frying fan. * Slit the hot dog buns without cutting through and toast them lightly on the tawa . * Heat oil in the frying fan; add the chicken sausages and fry till golden. * place some lettuce in each hot dog bun. Add a sau
spinach potato curry Curry,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie *first take spinach and clean it and cut it. *Now take a pan and add oil and heat the oil then add mustard seeds,hing,zeera,red chilli,curry leaves,urad dal. *Then after frying it properly add potato pieces and fry them until they r cooked. *N
Curry,Hyderabadi,South Indian,Veggie  
Ven Pongal. Rice dishes,South Indian,Veggie
Wash and soak both rice and dal for one hour. Pressure cook rice and dal along with minced ginger and required salt, cook until well done. Once the rice is well done mash the rice mixture with a spatula. Heat required oil in a tadka pan and a
Rice dishes,South Indian,Veggie  
vindi rai Rice dishes,East Indian,Veggie grind all ingrideents [jeera,garlic and mastard] take a fring pan and fry the small vindi with little salt ,afterfried then take a another kadai or fring pan put some veg.oil and put 1 pinch of jeera ,mustard and chilli for tadka then add tama
Rice dishes,East Indian,Veggie  
Sindhi Curry Curry,Sindhi,North Indian 1. Take a large pan, heat oil & fry cumin seeds, methi seeds, ginger & hing till it gets brown. 2. Then add Besan powder to the oil, stir continously till besan is golden brown. 3. Then a...
Curry,Sindhi,North Indian  
Couscous Pineapple Kesari Sweets-Dessert,South Indian,Veggie
Heat 2 cups of water and bring to boil, when boiling add the couscous and cook until done. Once the couscous is done add the pineapple pieces, condensed milk, sugar, food color and the essence. Sti...
Sweets-Dessert,South Indian,Veggie  
Masala Vadai Appetizer,South Indian,Veggie
Wash and soak the bengal gram for 1 hour and grind it coarsely. In a bowl add the finely sliced onions, curry leaves, ground masala, turmeric powder, baking powder, required salt and 2tsp of ...
Appetizer,South Indian,Veggie  
Toffee Butter Crunch Chocolates,American Melt butter in a large saucepan. Add sugar, corn syrup, and water. Cook over medium heat, stirring now and then, to hard-crack stage (300 F on your candy thermometer) - watch carefully after te...
Amish Ginger Cookies Cookies-Cake,American,Non Veggie Preheat oven to 350 F. In a mixing bowl, beat together butter and 1 cup sugar until creamy. Add egg and molasses; beat until combined. Add the remaining ingredients and mix until well combined. ...
Cookies-Cake,American,Non Veggie